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 Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless and almost odorless gas that can be poisonous to people and animals. It comes from the incomplete burning of solid, liquid or gas fuels in everything from home furnaces to automobiles to outdoor grills.


BE prepared


·         Buy and install Carbon Monoxide alarms in boats, recreational vehicles, campers and every hallway near a sleeping area.

·         Have a professional check all appliances to make sure they are installed correctly.

·         Have the heating system, including chimneys and vents, inspected by a professional.

·         Never burn charcoal or use portable camping equipment indoors.

·         Turn off gas-powered motors in a garage area, even if door is open.

·         Contact a professional to service or adjust fueled appliances.

·         Never use gas appliances to heat your home unless they are specifically made to do so.

·         Install and use an exhaust fan vented to outdoors over gas stoves.

·         Ensure flues are set to the open position when using a fireplace.


BE informed


If your CO detector sounds, treat it as a real emergency and follow these steps:


·         Reset the alarm.

·         Check for symptoms. If they are present, get to fresh air right away. Open doors and windows to clear the gas.

·         If the alarm continues to sound, call the local fire department.

·         Call a professional to inspect your home for CO leaks.


BE curious


For more information about preparing for carbon monoxide, contact your local fire department and visit:


·         Just in Case Arizona

·         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention