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 Chemical Threats

A chemical emergency is the release of a toxic gas, liquid or solid that can poison people or the environment. This could come from anywhere chemicals are used or transported, or be the result of a possible terrorist attack.


BE prepared


In a chemical attack, quick actions mean all the difference.  Knowing what to look for and how to respond can help you stay safe:


·         Try to define the chemical's source.

·         Take immediate action and get to clean air.

·         For a chemical threat in your building, avoid the contaminated area and leave right away.

·         If you can't leave the building or find clean air safely:

·         Move as far away as possible.

·         Prepare to "shelter-in-place."

·         If you are outside, decide the fastest way to find clean air:

·         Can you get out of the area?


BE informed


If you have watery eyes, stinging skin and are having trouble breathing, you may be suffering from chemical exposure.  Here is what you need to do:


·         Remove and wash your clothing.

·         Look for a hose, fountain or other water source; wash with soap, but do not scrub the chemical into your skin.

·         Seek emergency medical care.


BE curious


For additional information on preparing for chemical threats, visit:


·         Just in Case Arizona


·         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention