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 Flooding and Flash Floods

Flooding and Flash Floods are a real danger in Arizona.  Every year, people are injured; some lose their lives because they are taken off guard by storms and rushing floodwaters.

BE prepared

There are tips you can apply before the next storm to keep family and property safe from floodwaters:

·         Know the flood risks of your building site and consider insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

·         Do not build in a floodplain unless you elevate and reinforce your home.

·         Elevate the furnace, water heater and electric panel if susceptible to flooding.

·         Install "check valves" in sewer traps to prevent floodwater from drain back-ups.

·         Construct barriers or stack sandbags to stop floodwater from entering buildings.

·         Seal basement walls with waterproofing compounds to avoid seepage. 

BE informed

Flash floods can occur in Arizona with no rain in sight.  A storm that's miles away can produce flash flooding:

·         Know where flash flooding has occurred; be cautious in areas prone to flooding.

·         If you must evacuate, secure your home and move essentials to an upper floor.

·         Turn off utilities at the main switches or valves if asked to do so.

·         Do not walk through moving water; instead, choose a route with still water if at all possible.

Many injuries take place after a flood. These tips will help keep your family safe in the aftermath:

·         Stay away from power lines and electrical wires.

·         Have your electricity turned off by the power company.

·         Beware of animals, especially snakes. 

·         Look before you step.  After a flood, the ground and floors are covered with debris

·         Wait before entering a structure damaged by flooding.

·         Do not drive into flooded areas.

·         If floodwaters rise around your car, abandon it and move to higher ground.

BE curious
For more information on flood preparedness, visit:

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