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 Radiation Threat

A radiation threat entails exposure to radiation as the result of an accident or terrorist attack.  The attack may take the form of a "dirty bomb,” a common explosive that spreads radioactive material over an area.

In either situation, the presence of radiation will be unknown until trained personnel with special equipment can identify and assess the danger.

BE informed

·         When outside, cover your nose and mouth and get into a nearby building.

·         If inside, check your building for damage or find better shelter, close windows and doors, and turn off heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

·         If you may have been exposed to radiation, quickly remove your clothes and wash all exposed parts of your body with lots of soap and lukewarm water to move any contamination.

·         Shield yourself from radioactive sources with a thick piece of material.

·         Distance yourself from the radiation source or blast site.

·         Reduce the time you are exposed to radiation to reduce your risk.

BE curious
For additional information on preparing for radiation, visit:

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